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Against the Misuse of Police Waivers

The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill

The Government introduced into Parliament in 2016 a Bill called the “Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill” that would have regulated, and made legal, the use of police waivers and the offer of speed-awareness courses.

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has shown how these arrangements have been abused (see the rest of this web site).  Such practices have enabled the police to generate cash to fund their operations and that includes equipment and services that have nothing to do with road safety. In addition it has financed the acquisition and use of more speed cameras. In effect the police have been using the funds so obtained to maintain their establishments and the consequence is that there are clear incentives to the police to raise money in this way. This is a distortion of the justice system.

For the first time in British history this Bill would have introduced into English law the concept that it is legal to pay bribes to the police to avoid prosecution for offences.

Although we have called for proper legal regulation of this system, the proposals in the Bill actually made matters worse. There was a provision that any excess over costs must be used for promoting road safety but there was also a provision that "promoting road safety" includes the prevention, detection or enforcement of offences relating to vehicles. So this potentially fixed into law the ability of the police to finance more speed cameras and their operation so as to generate more cash, and so this dubious industry would have been expanded as a result. This had nothing to do with road safety and everything to do with empire building by the police.

Indeed the evidence obtained by the ABD shows that the police are diverting the funds raised in this way to other activities and are misreporting the profits generated. This is a natural consequence of the perverse financial incentives that are being created.

When a General Election was called in 2017, this caused the Bill to be abandoned. But the provisions therein may get revived in subsequent legislation. There was a replacement Bill called the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill introduced in October 2017 but that contains none of the previous sections on education courses.

Please write to your Member of Parliament (via post or email) opposing any such legislation.

How do you write to your M.P.? You can obtain their contact details from this web page:  (enter your post code at the bottom left). This will take you to a page giving their name, postal address and email address - an email will do fine. Include your name and full postal address even in an email to ensure your M.P. will respond.

You can read the draft Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill before it was abandoned here: Vehicle-Tech-Bill

If you agree with us, and wish to stop the financing of speed cameras by this dubious practice which has nothing to do with improving road safety, please register your interest by signing our petition here if you have not already done so: